Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Conference Information

We're going to try and use the department blog to share upcoming calls for papers and conferences that would be of interest to our grad students at WMU. Here's the first shot.

Metaethics Workshop at University of Wisconsin--Madison
We'd like to see how many WMU grad students would be interested in attending a philosophy workshop on metaethics. Don't brush this off if you're not into ethics. Metaethics delves into issues that coincide with metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and several other philosophical interests. Since this conference is within driving distance, this conference is accessible for our department. Plus, this conference features some of the best philosophers in metaethics explaining the cutting edge material. The dates for the conference cover Sept 16-18, 2005. It would be great to get a group of grad students to attend this event. [FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE.]

I'm interested in attending. If others (from WMU) are interested, send me an e-mail or post a comment to this blog-post.

UPDATE: I've been told that there is no conference fee, and that we are in the works of putting together a way to house grad students for free. Also, some of our professors are planning to attend (e.g., Fritz Allhoff), which means they can help introduce us to other people in the field. Now, you have no excuse for not attending.


At 8:17 PM, August 30, 2005, Blogger Andrew said...

Let's do it


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