Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Look...New name?

Hello kiddies! [Hopefully] you noticed the new look of the blog. After much deliberation, this was the most aesthetically pleasing to all involved in the (oddly) extensive process.

While I personally have nothing against Quine (and admittedly am rather sympathetic to him), it has been suggested that the title of our lovely blog shows a little more Quine-love than some would prefer. This is not to say that showing some Quine-love is bad, just that some people would prefer that the Quine-love was a bit more limited-- or at least not so public... So... how do we feel about changing the name of the blog? To make things easier, if you DO want to change the name of the blog, then you should suggest another name. I say we take submissions for the name change until next Friday (11/10), at which point we can attempt to figure out some way to vote on the issue. You can voice your support for the traditional "Undetached Rabbit Parts" if you feel so compelled.

You will also notice I have added more links. Some of the old links no longer worked. If you have a philosophy blog or philosophically interesting webpage that you think should be added, let me know. Or, if you are linked and don't want to be- let me know about that too.

Also, the "Napkin Story" I've been passing around? I was very very wrong- It was Tarski. Read it here


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