Sunday, February 18, 2007

Expanding and Redefining Some 'Everyday' or 'Normal' Concepts

A friend of mine sent this information to me and I thought that it was interesting enough that it should go on our blog. If nothing else, it will definitely get us all thinking about and maybe even redefining some our ideas about communication, language, thought, personhood, ethics, and probably some other philosophical issues that I haven't even thought of.

The first link is to the blog of the author of the short film piece, an autistic girl living around the detroit area. You can watch the video there or you can go to the second link and see a larger version of it on google. I don't really have any questions to help spark a discussion about the issues related to this film, but I think that in this case, the film speaks for itself and just by watching it people will come up with some questions on their own or at least contemplate these issues a whole lot more. It is most definitely a thought provoking piece of filmaking, or at least it was so for me. Let me know what ya'all think. Talk to you soon!