Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Updates, Congratulations, and a Plea for more posting

Hello kiddies!

Our humble blog has finally been nudged up in the world by the fine folks at Blogger. There are only a couple things you may notice: 1) You may have to update your blogger account to post, and 2) we can add labels for the posts. I'm pretty excited about the ability to label our posts now! How great will it be to be able to click on "metaphysics" and find only posts about metaphysics? Imagine the adventure that clicking on a topic such as "misc." will provide! Hooray! Of course, that means that we have to post...

Also, I'd just like to say congratulations to those of you who graduated (or will graduate this summer)! Good luck to all of you! I won't remove anyone from the blog until they request that I do so (at least not at this time).

Since some of us may not have been able to be around for the new faculty candidate on Monday, would someone like to fill us in? Maybe we can do that with all of the candidates? I, of course, would not expect anyone to completely spill all the details, but I think we could benefit from a bit of an overview on the candidate. And for the next two that are coming?



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